About EVidyalay

As we all move in the new era of “e”, where internet is the key enabler for majority of the day to day things, right from shopping, communicating, tickets, so on and so forth.
This has initiated a change in the way of learning as well.
EVidyalay is one more sincere attempt to drive the change in the way of learning so that the learning becomes simple, more users friendly and interesting.
EVidyalay is an online video library of Mathematics, Vedic Maths and Early learning Gujarati. The video library is under continuous development taking into consideration your feedbacks. EVidyalay’s vision is to make education accessible to all children, which is repeatable as well as independent of time and location. Children should be able to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace.

EVidyalay also hosts 3 interesting features. 1. ‘JIVAN CHARITRA (Biography)’, a collection of inspiring stories of Legendary lives. This will help build value system and overall development of children, 2. ‘Hobby Lobby’, to ignite Creativity, an essential skill for effective learning. 3) ‘Mahiti Mitra’, to give friendly educational information.

Evidyalay has got acceptance from YouTube EDU(The Global Classroom).

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24 comments on “About EVidyalay
  1. Dear Hiral,
    The concept of e-vidhyalay is very fine and useful to everybody.

  2. You must have seen or read about https://khanacademy.org which is from Salman Khan, America. It is the best site with much more educational content from elementary to college level. It would be very good if you shall see some of its 4000 videos and you shall translate them to Gujarati, as the videos are in English and for some of Gujarati, it is hard to learn from English.
    Please translate content from that site. It is the best site of its kind in English, where your site is best of its kind in Gujarati.
    Your site is like Gujarati Khanacademy.
    The creator of Gujarati.weebly.com
    Ravishankar Joshi

    • evidyalay says:

      Thanks for your comment and interest in Gujarati education.
      I have contacted Khanacademy before I started evidyalay.
      I didn’t get any reply from them. so, I started uploading videos by my own.
      I appreciate SalmanKhan for his passion and work.
      Direct translation may not help for all contents. I am using Gujarati medium text books for these videos.


  3. Kailash Punjani says:

    One of the best Gujarati website for education is the rijadeja.com. Mr. Jadeja is providing huge collection of study materials for various competitive exams. We can say his website is ocean of knowledge.

    Mr. Jadeja is also working for project named eSchool. I think evidyalay and rijadeja can work together and make history in Gujarati e education.

  4. shashikant patel says:

    how can i get all subject with std.wise download link.
    please help. I like this web so much for my child.

    • Hiral says:

      Thanks for liking these video material.
      There is no std video library as of now. Only concept wise.
      I have plan to make available them in DVD once I will cover till 12 std maths.

      I am a housewife (on career break) and making these video library to help our gujarati education and gujarati kids.
      I have many ideas to make more facilities here but these days I am lacking in finance and manual help too.

  5. Darshan(valsad) says:

    khub saras chhy

  6. Hitsh says:

    You are doing wonderful work……keep it up…We salute and great regards from me… :)

  7. બધા ગુજરાતીઓએ આ શાળામાં દાખલ થવું જોઈએ……

  8. Chirag says:

    Very very commendable effort. Keep it up.

  9. ken says:

    Very good site.
    I hope E-Vidyaalay will promote India’s simplest Shirorekhaa free Gujarati script in writing Hindi and take Gujarati literature at national level.If Hindi states children can get their education in two scripts,why can’t Gujarati children?

    ગુજરાતી ભારતની રાષ્ટ્રભાષા કે રાષ્ટ્રલિપિ?
    ગુજરાતી ભાષાનું અસ્થિત્વ તેની સરળ લિપિ જાળવી રાખવામાં,તેનો અન્ય રાજ્યોમાં ફેલાવો કરવામાં અને બીજી ભાષાઓ સાથે કમ્પ્યુટરમાં સરળ અનુવાદરૂપી બનાવવામાં છે. ઈન્ટરનેટ યુગમાં આ ઘણુજ સરળ છે.આપ સર્વે આ સૂચનો ઉપર વિચાર કરો અને પોતાના વિચારો રજુ કરો.

  10. આ સાઇટ ની ખરેખર જરુર હતી જ.
    શિક્ષણ ખરેખર મફત હોવુ જોઇએ.આ મંદીરો વાળા અને કમ્પનીઓ વાળા પહેલ કરે તો સારુ..

  11. બહુ સુંદર વિચાર છે આ. આગળ વધશે એમ વધુ પુખ્ત પણ થતો જશે, એમાં શંકા નથી. મૂળ વાત છે નિષ્ઠા અને નિસ્બતની. એ ભારોભાર જણાઈ આવે છે. હાર્દિક અભિનંદન.

  12. anamika parekh says:

    very nice website thanks your concept is very fine & very helpful to my child & all students very thanks

  13. Very very Nice and Helping site for child and Education….ઈ-વિધાલય તે બાળકો થી લઈને મોટેરાં લોકો માટે પણ ખુબ જ ઉપયોગી અને જ્ઞાન નો ખજાનો છે…

  14. Fine.I want to fulfil the part of the duty for the benefit of the society. How ? 9428117650.

  15. bharat shah says:

    i,66, am a grandfather of two kids, 9 and 4 studying in Gujarati medium.occasionally while helping younger kid for writing Gujarati and English alphabets very primitive learning home work , i surfed and found this site and found very interesting.
    i have a suggestion : can you put the printable templates for learning writing Gujarati Kakko, Barakhadi and Ank for which you made very nice videos? because ,after all, kids have to learn writing.
    any way, i am much much delighted to see your site. thank you.
    bharat shah

  16. Alejandrina says:

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    I found it on 21 place, you have to spread your articles to social sites , it will help
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  17. Amit says:

    vaah aato jabardast website chhhe, bhai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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