1) What is EVidyalay?

EVidyalay is an online video library (primary and secondary school education) with a collection of Educational videos on Mathematics, Vedic Maths and Early learning Gujarati. The video library is under continuous development and will soon have Science and Social studies videos too. At present the videos are available in Gujarati; videos in many Indian languages may be available in future.

EVidyalay’s vision is to make education available to all children. Children should be able to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace.

EVidyalay hosts two interesting features. 1. ‘JIVAN CHARITRA (Biography)’, a collection of inspiring stories of Legendary lives. This will help build value system and overall development of children, 2. ‘Hobby Lobby’, to ignite Creativity, an essential skill for effective learning.

Evidyalay has got acceptance from YouTube EDU(The Global Classroom).

2) What are the Benefits of Online Video Library?

o It provides anytime, anywhere self learning at convenient pace. With access to a computer with a speaker and Internet all subjects can be learned effectively at home.

o A difficult concept can be referred to again and again till it is fully understood using Replay facility available with a video as against conventional classroom teaching where Teacher may find it difficult to explain the concept again and again if some students find it difficult to understand due to time constraints and also as it may slow down the whole class.

o The video can be ‘Paused’ to think about the concept explained or to think of an answer to a question asked in the video and verify it later with the answer displayed in the video which may not be possible in a classroom.

o A question bank for each topic will encourage students to think more about concepts learned.

3) How will EVidyalay help students?

As described earlier EVidyalay’s video library will help students to study anytime, anywhere at their own pace. Along with the educational topics, ‘JIVAN CHARITRA’ blog will provide role models to students and motivate them to be better individuals. ‘HOBBY LOBBY’ will introduce practical aspects of learning and encourage innovative and creative thinking.

4) How will EVidyalay help Teachers?

o Teachers can enhance their subject knowledge by referring to the latest videos on the subject.

o Saving in explanation time and less stress on teacher’s vocal chords.

o Black board use can be minimised.

o Teacher’s time saved in explaining the topic can be spent on in depth discussions on the subject, viewing other relevant videos and topic related project work.

o Audio visual presentation can engage student’s attention for a longer time.

In rural area or govt. schools

o Issue of non availability of teachers in remote areas can be resolved by installing computer and a screen and showing subject related videos to students in class.

o EVidyalay videos will be available on DVDs in future which can be played on television in remote areas with no internet access.

5) How will EVidyalay help parents?

o Parents will be able to help children learn/revise the concepts at home and also help with homework.

o This may eliminate the need to attend private coaching classes (which makes us marks oriented and fearful of exams) saving time and money both.

o If parents are not conversant with the topic they can self learn first and then see the video again with the child pausing wherever explanation is required.

6) Who is making all these videos?

Hiral Shah is the pioneer of this educational initiative in Gujarati. Her eagerness to revolutionise the way children are being educated and the desires to take the education to the door steps of children who cannot attend school for some reasons led her to think of EVidyalay. Her father inspired her to realise her vision. After acceptance from YOUTUBE EDU more and more like minded individuals are joining EVidyalay. Increasing subscription on EVidyalay channel and daily views/reviews posted on the site encourages EVidyalay team to continue researching and adding videos on more and more topics.

7) Who supports EVidyalay?

To expand EVidyalay video library and also to have everything on DVD and on website in an organised way, we need helping hand from all of you. Hiral started making quality videos after her father Mr.Yashwantbhai couriered her all Gujarati textbooks. Her husband Milan shah provided financial support in implementing EVidyalay.

8) Who is writing all these short beautiful biographies?

Mr Suresh Jani, collected all these wonderful stories for his grandson in USA and then thought of sharing these stories with millions of Gujarati speaking children across the world with the hope that it will help shape their lives beautifully just like his grandson. Keeping children in mind he is writing short biographies which will raise their self esteem, impart moral values and enhance their cross cultural knowledge.

9) Who is making list of education related software information?

Mr Manish Panchmatia is very keen and sharp in collecting useful technical stuff for children. He has started writing articles on science projects etc. on his personal blog, now, In EVidyalay our children/parents/teachers will get benefit of his vision and technical expertise.

10) Who is maintaining Hobby lobby blog in Evidyaly? How it will help students?

Mr Suresh Jani believes that “If theoretical concepts can be taught creatively with practical applications in mind it will enhance children’s understanding of the concept and they will not only retain interest in the subject but would like to learn more.” With this idea he has started this blog and our team will also work closely with him to co-relate such innovative work with theory concepts.

11) How can I contribute to EVidyalay?

Please visit our Contribution request page.

13) Do you sell any products CDs/DVDs/study materials?

Not now. But our plan is to have material ready on CDs/DVDs. It all depends upon how much interest and help we get for EVidyalay project.

14) Are you open for franchises?

Not now but may be in future if it helps EVidyalay reach to more and more children.

15) What is your business model? Revenue model?

EVidyalay is Non-Profit Organization. We will depend on voluntary contributions from users and benevolence of individuals/organizations that believe in development through spread of education.

16) Can I distribute/re-use this content? What are the license terms and conditions?

NO. EVidyalay work is copyrighted under India copyright work. It is illegal to copy, adapt or edit any of video tape. Distribution including rental, resale, export or any other form of transmission is strictly prohibited and same will be treated as an offence.

17) What is the future plan? Roadmap?

EVidyalay’s future plans are as below (However, It all depends on how much help we get)

1) To expand video library. Interested likeminded individuals are most welcome to join the team.

2)Website accessibility in Gujarati and English at primary stage.

3) To organize video library on the website with question bank/ home work/ revision etc.

4) To make material ready on CDs/DVDs.

5) To provide quality educational DVD for all textbooks.

6) To develop software which will give facility to send relevant EVidyalay’s material according to age group to subscribed users.

18) Have you tied up with any schools?

We are interested to joining hands with schools to have practical feedback from students/teachers/parents. And can really be helpful in solving problems in the existing educational system.

19) Are there any Fees?


Who so ever study or use Evidyalay material, we request you to help in

1) Follow traffic rules (Be safe from accidents and avoid many more).

2) Please try to focus on humanity in interaction with others.

3) Be honest with yourself and with others.

4) Be more polite and open to accept other’s point of view.

5) Be a good listener.

6) Be a good thinker.

7) Be more creative/Innovative.

8) Think always, we all are interconnected. So, be more helpful.

9) Develop Global Mind set.

10) Believe in TeamWork.

-EVidyalay Team


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