‘Education is a key to progress.’ – is a very well known saying; though there are other dimensions too. It is education and pursuant zeal and inquisitiveness to know and explore the unknown that open the door to knowledge and awakening.

With the advent of human mind into fathomless depths of knowledge, the human societies have evolved into more and more complex structures and directions; and they are still evolving at a much greater pace. What quality and dimension the human societies will shape into – say after 50 or 100 years – is mind boggling. We feel awed at the achievements of human mind in multifarious directions.

We also feel awfully sorry for the immense harm the same human mind has done to the environment, the biomes, animal and vegetation species and last but not the least, the human societies themselves.

Schools are abodes for learning processes, right from the dawn of civilization; and are the cradles of this development of human mind. The task of a teacher – to prepare a child to come up to a measurable standard tto acquire at least a part existing knowledge base and be armed to venture into the unknown – is becoming more and more onerous.

At the same time, we feel ashamed at the degeneration of the education system; which aims only at preparing students for a race to acquire prosperity and recognition. Development of rudimentary scholastic qualities unfortunately gets a secondary importance.

It is in this light that the spirit of ‘E-Vidyalay’ may be interpreted. It aims at nurturing the qualities of fresh thought, creativity, honest inquisitiveness and last but not the least, the fundamentally built in human and moral values. The following video aptly focuses our attention on this spirit.

Hiral’s output of 2 years (280+ quality educational videos) is no doubt a commendable effort. How far she has succeeded can only be judged, if the approach is implemented by students, teachers and parents; and whether it is effective. But more noticeable fact , is her urge to evolve a new approach in the method of imparting knowledge. It is an initiative in the right direction. It is also possible that new avenues of education system may evolve by the interactions; E-Vidyalay is going to generate amongst its audience. The theatre here is open for a creative and refreshing play.

Let it generate fun, quest, creativity and fresh thought. Let thousand blooms blossom and door to a new way of ‘How to live life?’ open up.