Special Thanks

@Personal Front

1) Special Thanks to Hiralben’s Parents, Siblings, Husband Shri. Milan Shah & In-laws.

2) Special Thanks to our school teacher’s.

2) Special Thanks to Shri Suresh Jani for taking interest and giving constant support and contribution to EVidyalay project success.

3) Special Thanks to Google Translitration and Shri Vishal Monpara for providing wonderful
facility for Gujarati Typing.

4) Special Thanks to Sri Mavjibhai Mumbaiwala, who has given us permission to use his quality collection from his website for EVidyalay’s kids section.

@Technology front.

1) Google + YoutubeEDU

2) Microsoft tools + free clipart for non-profit.

3) Camcast studio (free audio+screen recording software)

4) Smooth draw and ArtWeaver (free software for non-profit)

5) WordPress (however it’s paid service for hosting and all.)

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ઇ-વિદ્યાલય લોગો
  ઇ-વિદ્યાલય લોગો અને લિંક આપના બ્લૉગ પર મૂકવા માટે નવું ટેક્સ્ટ વિજેટ બનાવી નીચે દર્શાવેલા કોડની કૉપીને ત્યાં પેસ્ટ કરો.

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