How the Alphabet Was Made – Rudyard Kipling

      THE week after Taffimai Metallumai (we will still call her Taffy, Best Beloved) made that little mistake about her Daddy’s spear and the Stranger-man and the picture-letter and all, she went carp-fishing again with her Daddy.      Her Mummy wanted her to stay at home and help hang up hides to dry on the big drying-poles outside their Neolithic Cave, but Taffy slipped away down to her Daddy quite early, and they fished.

તમને આ સામગ્રી અને આ બ્લોગ ગમ્યાં હોય તો તમારા મિત્રોને તેમનાં બાળકોના ઉપયોગ અને વિકાસ માટે આની જાણ કરશો ને?

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