On line education

    Came across a good article in Times of India regarding rapidly growing education in India. 

    Click on the above logo to read that article.

   There is  rapid growth in job opportunities for IT and AI professionals. But people already educated and engaged in jobs can not enhance their skills in that direction, as they have no time to join a part time school. 

     Online education opens up new possibility for them to study at home online and get enhanced qualifications.  It is happening in West and is slowly catching in India too.

    One of the organizations that does so is here..

    A few Videos on opposite panel make this point very clear audio-visually.

..... and many more here.

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     Experts in primary and secondary education are are also rapidly realizing  importance of  using multimedia education tools. More and more schools , even in outlying corners of the country are being equipped with electronic tools.

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